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Brotha Lynch Hung - Something About Susan

[Verse 1: Brotha Lynch Hung] I told you, hated the way you always used to leave me I saw you at the club with that motherfucker Ci-Ci I pulled up, you was in the front of the club I saw another nigga huggin you you know I was trippin I had to dip in, order me a dirty martini and best believe me I really didn't want a bitch to see me So I put on the spydie's took out my I.D. and I have to keep the knife right behind me till ya by me I was in the bathroom shakin the dick off when he came in I wanted to pull out the N9ne milli and bash his brains in Grr, you know how Brotha Lynch will do it Walk up on a nigga with 2 blades and give a nigga 2 slits Na, my main goal was the same ho She used to let me put the Ruger up in the anal I taught her all that shit now the next nigga benefactin Irv take me to the hook I need an intermission [Hook: Irv Da Phenom] I swear I love her, I never let her out of my sights There's no more livin if I ever let her out of my life Cause when she's not 'round it's just not right You are my heart, I give you my all put nothing above the one that I love [Verse 2: COS] Somethin bout Susan she keep my bed warm I go to sleep with her then I wake up in the morn Then she right by me side then we hop in the ride With a bottle in my hand, thats how we drink and drive 85 on a 35, straight pushin Theres somethin bout Susan keep haters just lookin When the sun goes down, we dress up in all black Matchin outfits, she been down since way back Back when I used to cook crack at the house And even though she set ya boy in a cell a couple times thats my spouse And I love her but I hate her, when she spit at other niggas Put me in situations where she get at other niggas Now she got the police askin questions lookin for her Im bout to wrap her up and leave he on the river floor Im bout drown this chick in so much water like a moor This my love train all aboard, till death do us [Hook] [Verse 3: Brotha Lynch Hung] 3 in the morning I can't sleep I'm having bad dreams I keep seeing bad shit, this was a bad week I had bad month, shit... I had a bad year I had a bad life even before she came here I used to tell them I was married to the music And I never should've changed that I Gotta get my strange back! I used to write every morning and smoke hella weed I used to be on the road, used to make hella cheese And now I'm struggling broke And you could tell I'm heated Bringing bullshit in my life And I don't really need it I think I'm smoking too much It's like suicide I won't eat, won't shower Between you and I My trust is all fucked up I'm ready to give the fuck up! I'm ready to murder everything! My life is all sucked up! I'm tired of all this shit! And now the next nigga benefitted Irv, take me to the hook I need an intermission... [Hook]

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