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Cannibal Corpse - Every Bone Broken

EVERY BONE BROKEN Paul Mazurkiewicz/Jack Owen Die, shattered you'll die Bones broken in half Blood flowing freely Limbs severed in hate Brains splattered, demise Skin eaten in wrath Eyes ripped from your head Lie shattered, you die For believing you could be free Weakness only invigorates me These broken bones once yours, I hold Cause of death will never unfold Torn, mangled, and maimed Life withers away In hellish decay Bones shattered, you die For not seeing things I see Your pummeled body strengthens me These broken bones keep me aware Of how I lust to shred and tear Every bone broken is my only goal Sucking the marrow of your fractured femurs Every bone broken, your truculent toll Succumbling to my offensive demeanor Every bone broken enhances my soul Your twisted corpse is contorted dead rot Every bone broken, your life I stole I'll kill again and I'll never get caught [Solo - O'Brien] The snapping and cracking of skeletal remains The pleasure of devouring decomposed flesh The feeling of power from crushing your skull The stench of decay overwhelming my brain I slaughtered your body and returned it to dirt Not a trace of proof that you ever existed Pure satisfaction through what I have accomplished I'll kill again and I'll never get caught

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