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Ylvis - Language of Love

One smileIt was all I needed to seeYour handTouching the tip of your knee- ????- ??? ???? ?? ??????Excuse me?I don’t understand what you say- ?? ?????I can’t understand what you say!- ??? ??? ???But I’m falling in love anywayWhen you reach out and kiss me with Asian techniqueMy heart’s beating fast and we suddenly speakA magical language sent from aboveWe speak the language of love!- HELLO?- HELLO?- YOU BEAUTIFFUL GIRLIt’s the language of love- MAN ALSO NICEIt’s the language of love- I FEEL RAINBOW INSIDEIt’s the language of love- LET’S MAKE BIG FAMILYIt’s the language of loveClear skiesIt’s a beautiful day at the zooWe kissBut my eyes cannot focus on youHelloYou’re the most beautiful thing I have seenCome hereDo you want to go dancing with me?I can’t understand what you say!Come with me, let’s run away!When a man loves a seal and the seal loves a manThe moment a flipper is touching a handFrom a wonderful, magical, mystery placeThe language of love comes out of their face- ME LIKE YOUIt’s the language of love- SEAL LIKE YOU MUCHHURRY HURRY HURRYIt’s the language of love- COME WITH MEIt’s the language of love- SEAL LIKES CAR!It’s the language of love- YOU NICE MAN- THANKS- I HAVE THINKED- ABOUT WHAT- WHAT IS LOVE- LOVE IS THE GREATESTTHING OF ALLWHEN WE LOVEWE ALL CAN SPEAKSPEAK THE LANGUAGETHE LANGUAGE OF LOVE!

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