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Bathory - Home Of Once Brave

Out of the water The cold black Nordic sea Risen towards the eternal sky The land lays open and free Up high the Mountains Where the wind catch its speed and chill Snowstorms are born And rage loud through the valleys and the hills Above two Ravens Messengers of the wise One eyed God Who rules this land Of the strong and the great And tall Beautiful Behold this thy land Open and free This thy home of the brave Dark endless forest Where at the day hides the shadows of the night Snowcovered vast lands As great as the eternal sky Now in the midst Of this wild and this open and free He placed my kind To possess this their land to be Above two Ravens Messengers of the wise one eyed God Who ruled this land Of once strong and once great But now Forgetting to behold this their land Once ours (once) free This my home of once brave

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